Geographic proximity for increasing connectivity demands

The Internet of Things and rich media content delivery to mobile devices is expected to swell to unprecedented levels. By 2020, at least 20 billion active internet-connected devices and applications will be operational globally, resulting in soaring bandwidth and network demands. Content being delivered outside normal networking channels runs the risk of slower access for consumers on their web connected devices. By shifting content closer to user communities in markets typically underserved by data center and telecom service providers, Flexential helps relieve network constraints from businesses and consumers seeking faster anytime, anywhere access to high-quality content.

As you embark on your edge strategy, consider partnering with an IT provider with the right connectivity options, people power and data center locations in a growing number of tier 2 markets across the U.S. to provide a first-rate online experience no matter how consumers are accessing the web.

Flexential offers a unique combination of hybrid IT solutions with both global reach and local market coverage, allowing you to deliver content on one of the leading networks in North America.

We’ll work with you to ensure your HybridEdge solution meets user expectations, while lowering your costs, improving efficiencies and future-proofing your network for IoT growth.

Features and benefits

Features of Edge data centers

  • 100 Gbps network backbone, built with the most demanding user needs in mind
  • Greater predictive scaling and lower latency
  • Built-in, not bolted-on, best-in-class network security
  • Diverse and significant network federation capabilities
  • Expert resources and time-tested solutions for managing complex networks

Benefits of Edge data centers

  • Gain access to hundreds of carriers, hyperscale cloud providers and Flexential hybrid IT solutions
  • Bypass high costs and potential network bottlenecks of connecting to an internet peering exchange in a major metropolitan area
  • Avoid single points of failure with automatic rerouting through redundant paths
  • Improve application performance
  • Scale with ease to meet peak traffic demands

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Flexential offers a unique combination of hybrid IT solutions with both global reach and local market coverage.
What our customers say
“We needed a provider who could offer a rich set of data center connectivity capabilities while helping our organization to meet a wide range of evolving IT infrastructure challenges. We leverage multiple Flexential data centers for our IT infrastructure and the Level 3 network ties them together. The level of service and scope of connectivity we receive is second to none.”
Greg Zolkos, CEO, Atlas Professional Services