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Demand is intensifying for high-speed transpacific and transoceanic network connectivity as existing undersea cable systems age or reach full capacity. U.S. companies’ interest in expanding to emerging, high-growth Asia Pacific and Latin American markets is growing as their counterparts exploit similar opportunities in the U.S.

Flexential is the North American conduit in the development of a cross Pacific subsea cable system and now down the Atlantic to Brazil. We support increasing requirements for low-latency connectivity between the U.S., Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as, to South America. We can accommodate extremely high-density power requirements and industry-leading cooling efficiencies for your most demanding workloads.

We offer faster, expanded data connections in the Asia-Pacific region. And now we also offer connections to South America, through Seaborn Networks. The New Cross Pacific, Hawaiki submarine cables, and Seaborn Seabras-1 provide access to additional international carriers from any of our 40 data centers across the U.S.

New Cross Pacific subsea cable

Connecting the Northwestern U.S. and mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea with 80 Tbps, the New Cross Pacific cable is the fastest, low-latency, fiber-optic cable in development, with advanced amplification technologies for improved performance and reliability.

Hawaiki submarine cable

The first carrier-neutral, fiber optic connection linking Australia, New Zealand and American Samoa to the mainland U.S. and Hawaii, the Hawaiki oceanic cable is designed with capacity of 43 Tbps.

Seaborn Seabras-1 cable

Seabras-1 is a 6-fiber pair, 72Tbps submarine cable system that is the only direct POP to POP system between Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York/New Jersey.

Developed, owned and operated by Seaborn, the system is also the first transoceanic system to directly connect the commercial and financial centers of North America and South America.

Features and benefits

Features of transoceanic connectivity

  • Direct access to the Flexential 100 Gbps backbone network
  • 100% availability service level agreement for power, bandwidth and network services
  • World-class colocation space and services
  • 24/7 on-site support

Benefits of transoceanic connectivity

  • Reliable fiber network access to and from the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region, as well as, now to Latin America
  • Connectivity with other existing and planned transpacific and transoceanic cable systems
  • Extremely low-latency access to Flexential hybrid cloud resources
  • Expanded service provider options including direct access to hyperscale cloud providers
  • Access to other Flexential IT solutions including colocation, managed IP bandwidth and compliant-ready services

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What our customers say
“The New Zealand business community is excited for all that the Hawaiki cable will provide. With faster links and seamless connectivity to the rest of the world, New Zealand’s economy is sure to benefit from our direct fiber connection to the Flexential Brookwood facility.”
Tim Groser, New Zealand Ambassador to the United States