What is one-hop network connectivity?

Typical networks such as the internet operate by connecting multiple switches or routers together. Each switch or router is referred to as a “hop,” where data is examined before it is sent to the next location. With the Flexential backbone, which provides a private, dedicated network, all of our services are one hop away, so there are no stops to slow your data down.

Core-to-edge connectivity

Disruptive technologies like network-based applications, the Internet of Things and Big Data are driving considerable change into established IT infrastructure models. To capture the benefits of these emerging technologies and move massive amounts of data between applications and users, IT infrastructure needs a new level of flexibility. Our FlexAnywhere collection of low-latency, reliable and high-capacity network solutions provides the flexibility and tools to elastically adjust capacity, easily integrate new technologies and move data and compute to the edge of the internet.

Our software-defined infrastructure delivers flexible access to services quickly, easily and anywhere that they are needed. This infrastructure enables you to transport rich media and mission-critical data seamlessly between infrastructure/applications and customers/users.

Industry-leading portfolio of services

From cloud, security and storage services to disaster recovery and managed backup services; from managed IP bandwidth services with DDoS protection included to object storage services; and from last-mile connectivity through SD-WAN, MPLS, VPN or private carriers to partnerships with more than 250 network, data center, managed service and cloud providers, Flexential offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure services.

One hop from anywhere

An industry-leading 100 Gpbs network backbone that is scalable to 400 Gbps allows us to place resources one hop away from where you need them, ensuring high performance, low latency and maximum reliability for your applications.

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flexanywhere logo   Features

  • 100% uptime commitment on network and bandwidth
  • Proactive DDoS protection with managed IP bandwidth services
  • Software-defined networking with service exchanges for increased efficiency, flexibility and scalability
  • 100 Gbps network backbone to transport large data volumes quickly, reliably and securely
  • IP bandwidth that is scalable from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps to support peak usage needs
  • Dedicated backbone engineering team that is available 24/7
  • Cloud Connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google and others