See threats before they happen

Ransomware is projected to attack a business every 14 seconds by the end of 2019. Security threats from hackers are everywhere, and it’s critical to maintain a strong defense to protect your organization. Real-world penetration testing services can proactively pinpoint areas where you may be vulnerable due to incorrect configuration, hardware or software vulnerabilities, operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures.

Allow Flexential to act as your preferred penetration testing company by hiring our certified security experts to challenge your web and mobile applications, infrastructure and APIs to expose possible system weaknesses before hackers exploit them. We customize our pen testing services based on the functionality/purpose of the application or network and conduct them in an open, ethical way so you can trust the results, and your organization's production environment isn't unexpectedly impacted.

By adopting the mindset of a hacker, we’ll help you to improve your overall security posture and protect your resources, assets and systems from exploitation.

Features and benefits

Features of our penetration testing services

  • Testing includes web and mobile applications, APIs, infrastructure and IoT
  • Testing across the spectrum of black-box and white-box methods
  • Automated tools with hands-on analysis by qualified engineers produce a detailed, risk-based report with actionable recommendations for mitigation

Benefits of our penetration testing services

  • Receive snapshot of security posture and an opportunity to identify potential breach points
  • Drive compliance with regulation or security certifications
  • Increase business continuity
  • Test cyber-defense capabilities
  • Protect customers from financial damage

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What our customers say
“Flexential’s thorough assessment services have been invaluable in enabling us to make progress toward our goal of securely developing and implementing systems and processes for sharing clinical information. Having Flexential evaluate front-end security is not only saving us money in the long term, but also ensuring that the tools we deploy across our communities are appropriately secured and best able to meet our constituents’ needs.” Terri Skalabrin, Chief Architect & Security Officer CORHIO
Terri Skalabrin, Chief Architect & Security Officer, CORHIO