Unlock your full potential with industry-leading data center design

At Flexential, we believe that a well-designed data center is the backbone of modern digital enterprises. Our approach to data center design integrates advanced technologies, operational efficiency, and deep expertise to provide you with unparalleled performance and reliability.

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High-density colocation, from the ground up

Flexential has 20+ years of colocation expertise to bring you customized colocation and interconnection where and how you need it.

“At Flexential, we are driven by a singular mission: to empower our customers' IT journey. As your trusted partner, we navigate the digital landscape together, empowering businesses to thrive and lead with confidence.”
Chris Downie
Chief Executive Officer

Designed for flexibility and power—right where you need it

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Leading the industry in secure, efficient, and future-ready data center infrastructure

Flexential has been at the forefront of the GPU-centric revolution, preparing for the unique demands of AI applications well ahead of the curve, leveraging years of expertise in traditional colocation and data protection.

Built to scale with your business

Flexential designs adaptable, high-density solutions that scale seamlessly with your business needs, ensuring energy efficiency and customization for specific data demands.

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Interconnection that powers your success

Our expansive FlexAnywhere platform offers cutting-edge, customer-centric interconnection for dynamic, on-demand provisioning and scalable networking supporting InfiniBand connectivity solutions.

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Explore the paradigm shift toward interconnection-centric infrastructure

Advanced cooling for high-performance needs

Our nationwide data center fleet offers high-density power capabilities, innovative cooling, and geographic proximity for control of your distributed architecture.

Advanced cooling

Learn about our highly efficient built-in liquid cooling capabilities

Deployment that adapts to you

Flexential ensures predictable, standardized deployments across all locations, offering a dynamic hybrid solution set that adjusts to changing business requirements.


We discuss innovative cooling and energy solutions for high-density data centers

Our NVIDIA DGX-ready data centers accelerate AI journeys
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“NVIDIA highly recommended Flexential, and as an NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center provider, we have confidence in Flexential’s ability to support the high-density GPU deployments of today’s demanding AI workloads.”

Michael Maniscalco
Chief Technology Officer, Applied Digital

Next-generation design tailored to your needs

For over twenty years, Flexential has been delivering high-density colocation solutions to meet our customers' expanding needs. Our proven solutions are quickly deployed and easily scaled to keep your organization future-ready.

Consultative and collaborative

We work alongside your team to gain a deep understanding of your business needs. By doing so, we can tailor solutions to meet your business needs, ensuring flexibility and control, enabling seamless expansion and improved performance.

Innovative and sustainable

Flexential is revolutionizing the data center and cloud services landscape, setting a new benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the AI-driven era. Our approach to high-performance compute, multi-cloud adoption, and edge computing is leading the industry and transforming the future of technology.

Expertise in action

Our proactive approach is rooted in a history of anticipating and adapting to technological advancements, ensuring we meet and exceed the evolving needs of AI and machine learning workloads. This reaffirms our position as pioneers in secure, future-ready data center infrastructure.

Explore the benefit of the Flexential approach to data center design

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Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

Reach out with a question, business challenge, or infrastructure goal. We’ll provide a customized FlexAnywhere® solution blueprint.