Managed Kubernetes for enterprise

Modernize existing workflows, accelerate application deployment, and simplify migration to multiple cloud containers.

Cloud - Managed Cloud Containers
Managed cloud container services for AWS

Unleash the power of Kubernetes for effortless application deployment and management. Flexential's managed containers on AWS leverage elastic Kubernetes services for optimal performance and expert support. Transform your applications with our deployment pipelines and ongoing guidance.

  • The need to reliably track and monitor environment changes with code
  • The rapidly evolving complexity and additional support needed for Kubernetes
  • Slow deployment of applications and convoluted container migrations
Simplified containerization
Experience all the benefits of Kubernetes without having to hire or train staff to support these complex and rapidly evolving technologies.
Accelerated application deployment
Increase your speed of deployment, modernize existing workflows, and simplify migration to containers.
Controlled, scaled, and automated
Easily control and automate application deployments and updates with the ability to scale containerized applications and their resources on the fly.
Breadth of services
Harness the benefits of advanced capabilities including managed DevOps, managed infrastructure, managed public cloud, and more.
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Managed containers with Elastic Kubernetes (EKS)

Flexential's managed cloud containers service empowers you to make the most of EKS. With our turnkey solutions, we take care of everything from security and deployments to monitoring, using a wide range of open-source tools. Focus on writing your applications while we handle the environment, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

  • Custom design and transformation services for review and development of Kubernetes clusters and Docker containers
  • Capacity planning, hardware refresh, and patch management support
  • Security, compliance, and change management best practices

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FlexAnywhere®: Hybrid IT flexibility without compromise

Flexential's highly connected FlexAnywhere® platform delivers tailored infrastructure with automation, a pay-as-you-go-and-grow model, and scalability for your business needs.

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reduced downtime

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