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June 2024 highlights

06 / 26 / 2024
3 minute read

As summer unfolds, Flexential brings you the latest advancements and insights in cloud connectivity and high-density data centers. Dive into this month's highlights to stay informed and ahead of the curve with expert insights and valuable resources designed to help you thrive.

The network could be the cloud’s next coveted resource

Flexential CEO Chris Downie recently spoke with Fierce Network’s Diana Goovaerts about the critical importance of network connectivity within and between data centers. With increasing demands for networks inside data centers, Downie highlights the potential for dark fiber to become a cloud bottleneck. Learn why network connectivity might be the next most sought-after resource in the cloud industry.

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Navigating the new Broadcom-VMware horizon

In a recent discussion, Flexential COO Ryan Mallory and VP of Cloud Solutions James Ochoa explored the impact of the Broadcom-VMware acquisition on the cloud landscape. They delved into how these changes might affect your organization and reaffirmed the Flexential commitment to customer success.

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Upcoming webinars and events

Coming soon! Next-level VMware strategies: Expert insights for success

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring industry expert James Ochoa, VP Cloud Solutions at Flexential, alongside our featured guest speaker, Naveen Chhabra, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Together, they will share invaluable insights into advancing your VMware strategy.

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On-demand: Innovative cooling and energy solutions for high-density data centers

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the latest advancements in power and cooling technologies needed to meet the increasing processing and storage demands of modern workloads.

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On-Demand: Cracking the cloud code

Cloud experts James Ochoa and Chris Smith share valuable insights on the latest changes and news in cloud technology, including the latest with VMware by Broadcom. Discover strategies to unlock new efficiencies at your organization.

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NEW! Fast-Track Cloud Workshop

Transform your IT investments with a personalized data-driven report and workshop at no cost or obligation. Benefit from TCO modeling provided by Flexential, a premier Broadcom-VMware Pinnacle CSP partner, and revolutionize your data strategies.

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Remote Hands & Remote Access

Remote Hands offers on-site colocation services where trained technicians troubleshoot physical issues and perform IT management tasks. Remote Access provides emergency equipment access via TeamViewer.

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Customer stories

Redefining the client experience and educating about cybersecurity

Vector Choice Technology Solutions leverages Flexential hybrid IT infrastructure to deliver top-notch IT services and educate the market about cybercrime prevention through compelling documentaries.

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Harnessing technology for client service continuity

GrayRobinson P.A. utilizes reliable, sustainable disaster recovery services to ensure continuity of services in one of the most hurricane-prone states in the nation.

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Expert resources

Ebook: Cracking the Cloud Code

Discover insights and strategies in our Ebook designed to help organizations thrive in the digital age through effective cloud solutions.

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Checklist: Preparing for workload placement

Before discussing workload placement, it’s crucial to be prepared. Use our checklist to streamline your decision-making process.

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Blog: Flexibility redefined

Hybrid IT enables organizations to create customized solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. Explore the key benefits in our blog “Flexibility Redefined.”

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