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Flexential 2023 ESG Report Highlights Industry Leadership of Sustainable, Transparent and Responsible Business Practices

In its second annual ESG report, Flexential showcases advancements in operational efficiency, employee engagement, and social responsibility

07 / 9 / 2024
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Charlotte, N.C. – July 9, 2024 – Flexential, a leading provider of secure and flexible data center solutions, today released its second annual 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, highlighting the progress Flexential has made in embedding sustainable and ethical practices into every facet of its operations.

"Our 2023 ESG Report reinforces our commitment to ESG, ensuring that we have a positive impact on our planet, people, and communities," said Chris Downie, CEO, Flexential. "This past year, we focused on green financing and strict emission management strategies across our data centers with the goal of upholding our environmental responsibility and operational excellence while introducing innovative interconnection solutions. Additionally, we fostered a more engaged, unified team that has boosted operational efficiency and organizational morale. Looking ahead, we're embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by technological advancements, such as AI, to further our ESG objectives."

Notable ESG accomplishments in 2023 include:

Environmental Impact

Flexential has put sustainability at the core of its operations. From high-efficiency, next-generation data centers to its Green Finance Program and eco-friendly corporate initiatives, Flexential is committed to managing its carbon footprint and water usage to strengthen sustainability efforts across its fleet of data centers. In 2023, Flexential evaluated its legacy data centers for energy efficiency improvements, which led to identifying 23 potential energy efficiency projects, investing in heat exchangers in its Aurora, CO facility to reduce over 3 million kWh of energy usage annually, and adding over a dozen adiabatic pre-coolers to two data centers to reduce grid strain during peak intervals of the summer heat.

Social Impact

In order to promote and enable diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) within the company, Flexential takes a proactive approach to investing in its people and supporting surrounding communities. This includes investing in Employee Assistance and Health and Wellness Incentives programs, as well as in employees' career growth, with over 5,500 hours of training in 2023 through Flexential's training and development platform focused on technology and business skills. Through its FlexCares platform, Flexential partners with causes that align with the values of its employees, customers and partners to positively impact and support surrounding communities.

Governance Impact

In 2023, Flexential made significant enhancements to its corporate governance structure to drive the business's scalability and maturity, including promoting corporate integrity, achieving specific goals in areas like product governance and third-party vendor management, business ethics and code of conduct monitoring, data security and privacy, operational resilience, and much more. This includes the industry's largest inaugural asset-backed data center green financing program, expanded assessments and certifications, and matured enterprise governance and oversight.

Flexential is committed to continuous improvement across each goal and strategic area noted in its ESG report. Its leadership and employees are determined to grow, maintain, and manage trust with key stakeholders and keep pace with an ever-changing ESG landscape.

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