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Data centers in the AI era: Emerging trends and strategies for 2024


Join us for a dynamic, forward-looking discussion illuminating the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on data center technology and strategies.

Moderated by James Ochoa, VP of Cloud Solutions, this webinar features Flexential thought leaders, including Jason Carolan, CIO, Ryan Mallory, COO, and Pat Doherty, CRO, each bringing their unique expertise to the discussion. They share their insights on AI trends, including: 

  • Enhanced data center capabilities, exploring the urgent need for advanced data center infrastructures, emphasizing high-performance computing, efficient power systems, and low-latency networks, along with the critical role of GPUs and the influence of 5G and IoT.   

  • Security and multicloud strategies, including the heightened security measures against AI-powered threats and the move towards multicloud environments, influenced by data privacy and regulatory demands. 

  • AI in business and disaster recovery, examining AI’s integration in business operations, its effect on IT governance, and disaster recovery, highlighting the importance of edge computing and scalable data center solutions. 

Patrick Doherty, Chief Revenue Officer
Patrick Doherty
Chief Revenue Officer,
Ryan Mallory, Chief Operating Officer, Colocation Services
Ryan Mallory
Chief Operating Officer,
Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer, Flexential
Jason Carolan
Chief Innovation Officer,

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