Hosted private cloud is a foundational component of hybrid IT success

The focus of the enterprise on modernizing applications and embracing cloud platforms is driving decisions on where and how they deploy and operate workloads in hybrid IT environments. A hybrid IT strategy is now the standard procedure, with workloads being deployed according to the environments best suited to their needs. For many organizations and applications, a hosted private cloud will provide the best fit for a variety of application and business requirements.

451 Research shares the business impacts of hosted private cloud for hybrid IT

Read the report to learn more about how enterprises can overcome the complexity of cloud platforms by embracing hybrid IT, and explore:

  • The business impact of hosted private cloud in achieving hybrid IT
  • Tips on how to control costs when managing application and data security
  • A look ahead at the future of cloud operating models in hybrid IT environments

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Overcoming complexity is a challenge

As cloud operating models become more ingrained in enterprise IT operations, businesses that put effective systems in place for overcoming challenges will be able to look past the cost, performance, and security metrics of cloud deployment to focus energy on longer-term business objectives. Learn how!

451 Research Business Impact Brief

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