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Connectivity redefined

Flexential Fabric and the future of digital infrastructure

01 / 17 / 2024
4 minute read
Connectivity redefined

Today, the business landscape is dynamic, marked by rapid technological advancements and increased globalization. This ongoing evolution of technology plays a pivotal role in shaping how businesses operate. Those who harness breakthroughs gain a competitive edge, while effective decision-making in complex environments requires connectivity and continuity.

The swift pace of technological change in IT environments necessitates adaptability for businesses to stay competitive. Agility is key, demanding an approach that quickly integrates emerging technologies without disrupting operations. Scalability is equally vital as businesses grow and evolve, requiring flexible architectures to accommodate new applications, workloads, and data volumes. Yet, security remains paramount, with businesses needing robust measures across their IT architecture to counter a diverse range of cyber threats. Moreover, in our interconnected world, where organizations rely heavily on digital engagement and multiple cloud infrastructures, dependable, low-latency networks are critical for seamless data flow and optimal user experiences.

Navigating a shifting landscape

The business landscape is witnessing a profound shift driven by the adoption of digital technologies like AI, big data analytics, and cloud computing. These innovations, coupled with disruptive technologies such as quantum computing, are inspiring digital leaders to rethink IT infrastructure. The transformation extends to consumption and delivery models, fostering the creation of digital infrastructure that is simple, virtual, and partner-rich.

Workloads are also evolving, marked by the surge in AI-driven applications, mobile and social media usage, accelerated remote work adoption, and the continued influence of the Internet of Things (IoT). This evolution is driving the need for low-latency network architectures, a shift from centralized to distributed edge sites, and increased demand for core-to-edge connectivity. Industries like banking, healthcare, inventory management, and next-gen technologies are fueling these changes with new use cases.

Addressing next-gen user expectations and challenges

End-user expectations have soared, demanding seamless and personalized experiences across devices and channels. Businesses face pressure to provide fast, reliable services with quick response times and minimal downtime. Data privacy and security concerns add another layer, requiring transparent and accountable practices.

To meet the moment, IT leaders must navigate the rethinking of IT infrastructure architecture, ensuring alignment with business goals and leveraging partner ecosystems for success. The challenge lies in ensuring connectivity, reliability, redundancy, and efficiency in infrastructures that span distributed compute, storage, and applications across various providers. A dispersed workforce connected to a centrally located data center raises concerns about latency, bandwidth costs, and performance unpredictability. Meeting predictable application and workload performance becomes a significant challenge amidst the distributed nature of end-users and diverse IT architectures.

The next generation is here!

Flexential is proud to announce the launch of Flexential Fabric, which marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing secure and scalable data center solutions for the evolving digital landscape. This next-gen solution redefines the user experience, delivering an innovative approach to interconnection services.

Flexential Fabric is not an ordinary service offering; it's a complete game-changer. Picture this: seamless self-provisioning of advanced, software-defined interconnection services over a single port through a user-friendly web interface within the Flexential Xperience Portal (FXP). No more complexities, just a straightforward way to scale your connectivity options to fit your budget.

This new addition enhances our FlexAnywhere® Platform, seamlessly integrating with its comprehensive capabilities. Acting as a robust and agile network infrastructure, Flexential Fabric serves as a gateway to a suite of services, including colocation, cloud, connectivity, data protection, and managed services. Customers can efficiently manage their digital infrastructure, enabling them to add, change, and remove services on demand.

Flexential Fabric Dashboard

Why is this a big deal? It isn't just about adding, changing, or removing services on demand. It's about addressing the growing desire for easy-to-consume interconnection and having the ability to adjust infrastructure as needed, anytime, with capabilities that align perfectly with your network and connectivity needs.

Flexential Fabric offers high bandwidth, consistent throughput, and low-latency connectivity, meeting the demands of critical business operations and providing customers with a superior user experience.

Ryan Mallory, COO of Flexential, sums it up beautifully: "Flexential Fabric brings a strategic, integrated approach to technology infrastructure with low latency networks to support critical business operations, particularly important in an increasingly AI-centric digital landscape."

Flexential Fabric Quote 1

Flexential Fabric is not just a standalone solution but part of our ongoing commitment to expanding the FlexAnywhere® footprint. Following recent Interconnection enhancements, including Interconnection IP Bandwidth Enhancements, Interconnection Mesh, Interconnection Mesh (Layer 3), and Oracle FastConnect, this launch reaffirms our dedication to providing comprehensive, reliable, and scalable solutions.

Flexential continues to empower the IT journey of the nation's most complex businesses. Join us on this exciting journey into the future of interconnected solutions with Flexential Fabric.

Read the full press release and explore Flexential Fabric product features to learn more, or join us for our in-depth webinar, where we will explore the future of connectivity and give insight into how to reshape your digital infrastructure. We talk with Flexential COO Ryan Mallory about Flexential Fabric as a game-changing addition to the Flexential Interconnection portfolio.

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